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KKN is a weekly news and announcements system that allow students to express their voice by delivering the weekly announcements, news, and highlights in their own unique ways.  

Students at Keolu get a chance to sign up to be part of Keolu Kids News (KKN).  Previously a live broadcasting system, KKN is now a weekly news broadcast that teachers show their classes every Monday morning.  Students who sign up for KKN get a chance to show their unique personality, work as a team with other students, demonstrate their reading skills by being able to read with expression, and learn how to work technology.  Every week, the group of students participating in KKN are different to allow every student a fair chance.  KKN allows students to deliver the news, but also allows students to be a little silly and showcase their personalities.  After all, that is what Elementary is all about, right? Embracing each others differences, and learning to work with our unique gifts.

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