Welcome to Keolu Library!

Here at Keolu's Library we honor exploration and fun.  Mrs. Finn (Librarian) is dedicated to bring the fun and wonder into reading. 


Kailua Public Library Book Poster Contest

5th and 6th Graders at Keolu Elementary created their own Posters based on the book of their choosing.  Their posters must include the title, a catchy phrase about the book that draws the reader in, and a creative illustration.  Finished products will enter into a contest, competing against other students in the State.

Tree Art with Mrs. Kong

Some may not know this, but our Principal, Mrs. Kong, has a background in art.  She used her background knowledge to help our Keolu students illustrate different types of trees.  She taught them abstract ways to depict tree's, techniques to show movement in a still picture, and different way's they can express their creativity.

Public Library Cards

Keolu students got an opportunity to get their very own Public Library Cards delivered straight to their school door!  A representative from the Public Library came to Keolu to help the students get their Public Library Card.  Mrs. Finn helped students fill out their forms and gather their paperwork to get their library cards.  Now our Keiki have the whole world at their finger tips!

Library Helpers

Thank You to our Volunteers!

Library helpers

Mrs. Finn and everyone here at Keolu would like to extend a huge mahalo to our volunteers that give up their personal time to help out in the library.  The library would not be able to run without you! 

Stop by the Library and add a book recommendation to our Book Tree!  As a community that fosters growth and learning, help our tree "grow"! ​ ​