School Events

S Y  2 0 2 1  =  2 0 2 2

School life has looked a little different these past two years, but here at Keolu we still like to keep the 'Ohana spirit alive in the safest way possible.  Here is a look at every day Keolu life, while keeping our Keiki, Faculty, and Staff safe.

New Playground

September 9, 2021

Keolu was blessed to have received a new playground structure for our Pre School - 1st grade classes.  Mrs. Tanaka held a ceremony where all students got to participate in the blessing of the structure, and getting time to enjoy the playground.

Kindergarten Partner Reading

S e p t e m b e r  2 7 ,  2 0 2 1

The Kindergarteners share the hard work that they put into learning to read their books with other teachers, faculty, and other students.

1st Grade Reading Celebration

O c t o b e r  2 7 , 2 0 2 1

The 1st graders worked hard on creating informational texts about a topic of their choice.  To show what they have done, they shared their texts with classmates, teachers, and staff members.  

Halloween Parade

O c t o b e r  2 9 , 2 0 2 1

In light of COVID mitigation strategies, we had to cancel our beloved trunk-or-treat and replaced it with a socially distant and safe Halloween Parade, where students were able to visit stations around campus for healthy and useful treats. Although times are different, our students still had a fun time displaying their costumes.

Book Fair

N o v e m b e r  5 ,  2 0 2 1

Keolu was finally able to have an in-person Book Fair for the first time since 2019!  Our students were excited to be able to attend an in-person book fair and physically look and buy the books that they wanted.  Thank you Mrs. Finn for arranging the book fair and keeping reading alive!

Turkey Trot

N o v e m b e r  2 4 ,  2 0 2 1 

Keolu held it's first annual Turkey Trot!  Students were able to race their classmates, teachers and other grade levels.  It was a fun, simple and safe way for our students to get out of the classroom, get active, and kick off the Thanksgiving Weekend.

Winter Wonder Fun

D e c e m b e r  1 5 ,  2 0 2 1

In the past Winter Wonder Fun was an event with our lower elementary students and their families.  Due to COVID we had to rethink how we run our events.  This year, Winter Wonder Fun involved the whole school.  Each grade level made Christmas crafts based off the theme that they chose.

Pre K - Tree Ornament

Kinder - Tissue Paper Candle Jar

1st Grade - Christmas Palm Tree

2nd Grade - Pinecone Christmas Trees

3rd Grade - Snowflake Craft

4th Grade - Cardboard Christmas Trees

5th Grade - Winter Salt Paintings

6th Grade - Holiday's Around the World

'Aina in Schools

S Y  2 0 2 1  -  2 0 2 2

Keolu is an "Āina School! This means that our students participate in gardening and nutrition lessons.  'Āina in Schools is a garden to school initiative.  Our Keolu Kids get to learn about how to take care of our environment, garden and cultivate plants, and learn about how to make smart decisions with food and what it does to their bodies.