Partner Readings

M a r c h  1 0 ,  2 0 2 1

Partner readings look a little different now.  Kindergarten still make sure to incorporate partner readings into their routine.  Ms. Sussman and her Kindergarteners take social distancing into consideration and make sure to wear their masks at all times.  The students love listening and reading to each other!

Reading Celebration

D e c e m b e r  1 6 ,  2 0 2 0

1st Grade held their first reading celebration before winter break.  Students got a chance to share their informational writing projects about subjects that they were interested in.

Everyday Life

R e t u r n   t o  L e a r n

From recess, to lunch, to celebrations, school life looks a little different this year.  Our Keolu Ohana works hard to make school safe.  Our students love being with one another again

Partner Readings

M a y 3 , 2 0 2 1

4th grade worked very hard to create their informational writing pieces in which they had to research and choose a topic of their choice.  Students got to share their writing pieces in a small group, the whole class, and various guests.