Kupuna Lunch

A u g u s t  2 8,  2 0 1 9

Every year, Keolu holds an Annual Kupuna Day or a Kupuna Lunch.  This day is to allow families to spend a little extra time with their keiki in the school setting.  This year, parents, kupuna's, aunty's, uncles and an other family member that wished to attend, were able to enjoy lunch with their children. 

Quarter 1 Awards 

O c t o b e r  4 ,  2 0 1 9

At the end of every Quarter,  the teachers and Staff at Keolu like to honor students for their hard work and dedication.  Every award assembly includes an All-Star Student from every class and a GLO that is to be focused on for the Quarter.  GLO's are General Learner Outcomes.  Each outcome focuses on characteristics that students should learn in their life-long learning journey.

The GLO that was targeted was: 

Community Contributor or Malama Kaiaulu

A Community Contributor is someone who follows class and school rules, shares and carries out responsibilities in groups, works well with others, finds peaceful resolutions to conflict and becomes part of the solution.  Community Contributors take care of the people around them and their environment as well as help others.



O c t o b e r  3 0 ,  2 0 1 9

In honor of Halloween, Keolu holds a Halloween Parade that takes place in the morning, where students get to show off their costumes to the school, and to their parents.  Keolu also holds a Halloween Assembly where students are able to play minute to win it games.  These are light-hearted, fun events that we like to offer our students.  After all, school is supposed to be fun too, right?

Wellness Day

O c t o b e r  3 0 ,  2 0 1 9

Keolu holds 4 Wellness Day's a school year.  Wellness Day's are fun ways to get our students, out of the classroom, and moving around their environment.  Wellness day typically consists of students breaking into mixed-grade-groups, and rotating through different stations.  

Winter Wonder


D e c e m b e r  1 8  ,  2 0 1 9

Pre-K through 1st grade get to participate in this holiday event filled with fun, crafts, and precious family time.  This event invites families to school to join their children in holiday crafting. 

Science Fair

D e c e m b e r  2 0 ,  2 0 1 9

Every grade level focuses on different science projects and puts their scientific discoveries on display, for the whole school to see. Each classroom has their own theme and students are able to travel from classroom to classroom to learn more about their peer's scientific discoveries.  Here is a video of our 4th, 5th, and 6th graders discussing their projects.

District Science Fair

F e b r u a r y 1 4 ,  2 0 2 0

Selected 6th graders got to participate and compete in the district Science Fair.  Students got to share their science experiments, and participate in science activities.

Wellness Day

F e b r u a r y 1 4 ,  2 0 2 0

Our second Wellness day fell on the perfect day.  Students participated in rotations of dancing, crafts, sharks and minnows, yoga, an obstacle course, and a hawaiian version of tug-of-war run by Kā Pa'alana.  This Wellness day took place after lunch.  The students were able to run off all their Valentine treats!

Career Day

M a r c h   1 2 ,   2 0 2 0

Every year Keolu holds a Career day where volunteers come to our school to educate our keiki on their various careers.  This year Keolu Kids have been exploring careers by looking at their strengths, interests, and hobbies and seeing what career's align with them.  Thank you so much to all of our parent and community volunteers who took time out of their busy schedules to enrich our Keolu Kids!

Quarter 3 Awards

M a r c h   1 3 ,   2 0 2 0

This quarter's targeted GLO was: GLO3 Complex Thinker or Ho'okuano'o.  Complex thinkers are able to look at different problems and think about creative solutions.  They know that not every problem is the same and therefore, not ever answer will be the same.  A student that is a complex thinker is able to use past knowledge and apply it to the task at hand.


Congratulations to all the Keolu Kids that received awards!

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